Top 10 free crypto portfolio trackers for both PC and Mobile

best free apps that let you track your cryptocurrenciesIn this article, we’ll give an in-depth review of the top 10 best free crypto portfolio trackers. This analysis will contain both desktop and mobile app products. We’ve tried over 30 different cryptocurrency trackers and narrowed it down to the best.

In order to give the most objective review possible, this article will not contain any referral links, sponsorships, or advertising.


Review Criteria

We based our analysis on two main criteria: User Interface and Functionality. Visual appeal can really impact a user’s experience. We judge design by how easy it is to process information that’s important to crypto investors. Ease of navigation across the site/app is also weighed heavily.

By functionality, we mean the breadth and depth of products they offer.

10. CoinGecko (Desktop)

CoinGecko is a tracker which provides information on the prices of various coins and their charts.

User Interface


It’s very difficult to navigate through, and the main purpose of the website is unclear. There are just a ton of advertisements that make it quite distracting. One advertisement for an ICO per page for a website still undergoing Beta testing is okay, but two is just too much. The ads are more like live animations and you can’t help but look at them rather than accomplishing your main task of researching coins.


How Coingecko tracks your coins

It really leaves a lot to be desired. The main dashboard provides information on the coins which you want to track. Specifically, they have information regarding its liquidity and exchanges where they are available. But the whole design of this is just not intuitive and takes a lot of learning.

There is also a news feature, where they provide articles that they feel are important. But it would be better if they just aggregated information from other sites, and focus more on making their website friendlier for the user.

However, the ICO feature is useful as they do provide a list of all the ICO’s happening. I just wish they were less aggressive with their advertisements

The Verdict

I really hope they come to their senses and reduce advertisements once they fully launch. The website could be great, but the adverts just draw away from the interface to the point that it is not usable.

9. Lionshare (Mobile App)

Lionshare is a simple portfolio tracking app with no designated website. Coin tracking is the only feature, and there is not much else to the app.

User Interface


Very simple to use and understand. Not much charting or analysis features, but provides for easy setup and viewing of your portfolio. Also has a macOS app, so that you can view your portfolio on your laptop as well.

Not many trackers get the inputting of transactions right, and unfortunately Lionshare is one of them. You have to manually enter your transactions, and it can be a bit confusing and easy to enter the wrong information.







Not much here. Just a simple, easy to use app. User should not expect much but just want to track their portfolio. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of coins, and it is not possible to adjust the rates of transactions based on the various exchanges.

The Verdict

If all you want is an easy to use and simple app, and nothing else, Lionshare is for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

8. (Desktop)

This is Probably the most interesting coin portfolio trackers out there. It gives you exactly what you want; your profits. It provides no other information. Simple as that.

User Interface


What can I say? Very easy, very simple. More of a gimmick than anything, but still fun to use. Adding your transactions can be a pain, but once you do it’s exciting to see all your gains (or losses).


Not much functionality to it. The simplest of all trackers, and probably the easiest to use. 

The Verdict

If you’re into minimalism and just need to see your gains, give it a try.


7. CryptoCompare (Desktop & Mobile-friendly)

This site provides portfolio tracking as well as a platform to read news about coins, exchanges, wallets, and mining equipment. Provides a forum for discussion on various coins and also has a social feature to its portfolio tracker.

User Interface


The social feature of the portfolio tracker is very nice, and allows for comparisons with other traders. But I am just not a fan of the website setup, where the tracker is the last tab on the header. It is possible to have multiple portfolios, which can be made public or private which is a good feature. And the example portfolio is definitely useful for beginners wanting to learn about crypto investment diversification.

Portfolio Tab
The portfolio tab

I am also hesitant about the input page for entering transactions. It’s relatively simple and could be a bother for more sophisticated traders. There can definitely be some more improvements in this area.

The other portfolio tracking features are pretty standard, but useful. CryptoCompare provides a risk analysis page to see the exposure of your portfolio and also an advanced charting feature. These are all very nice to have in a tracker. The mobile website is pretty intuitive as well, and provides a similar interface to the desktop website.


Risk Analysis

As I mentioned, CryptoCompare leaves a lot to be desired in the functionality it provides. They seem to be geared towards beginners and they provide way too many reviews to be a go-to portfolio tracker. The social feature is something I really like, as the best way to learn to trade is by observing other traders. By providing the feature to make your portfolio public, you can provide your trading strategy to others as well.

The Verdict

I am on the fence about CryptoCompare. Though the social features are nice, the fact that the portfolio is the last thing on their website makes it seem as if they are not that vested in improving their platform. However, I do see the value in it for newer investors, as it provides solid crypto tips.

6. (Desktop) is a web-browser-only crypto portfolio tracker. They choose to differentiate through a news aggregator. You can track coins you’ve inputed into their site as well as the big gainers/losers of the day.

User Interface main crypto dashboard is not the most visually appealing The website is pretty empty as far as style- and they don’t weigh any of the text, making it difficult for me to sift through the important information

Even though the website does have a lot of data to give, it’s stylistically bare.


They have three main tabs, Dashboard, Marketcap, and News

Under dashboard, you can enter in your portfolio, and you’ll see your total coin value. However, you cannot see whether you’ve made money or lost money (i.e. total profits), as there is no way to enter specific trade data, only amounts of coin that you have. Personally, this is a bummer because I like to see how much I’ve made off my coins. It’s the main reason I use a coin tracker.

Where they lack in functionality on their dashboard they make up with in the news portion.’s news aggregator is one of the best I’ve seen. It scrapes crypto news from dozens of different channels, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the latest crypto chaos. news feed

They have a marketcap tab, but it performs essentially the same exact features as coinmarketcap, so nothing special there.

The Verdict tries to be your one-stop destination for crypto news and tracking, however their user interface is quite hard on the eyes. If that doesn’t bother you though, then you’ll love it.

5. (Mobile App)

Coin-stats is a great app for your phone, and allows for easy tracking of your portfolio.

User Interface


Very simple to use, and there is not much fuss in the amount of details within the app. There is a standard news feature and also a currency converter. It is also pretty simple to manually add your transaction. The coins-by-market-cap feature is a very nice touch






It’s a simple portfolio tracker, allowing for easy tracking of your portfolio. It is limited by the amount of coins that you can add for the base feature, however by updating to premium unlocks the full content. The freemium model is their weakness, since there are tons of totally-free competitors.

My only wish is that they would provide more dynamic charts, allowing you to really see the full exposure of your portfolio. You can include your portfolio from various exchanges through an API key, which keeps it simple to add your data. It is also possible to manually enter your transactions.

The Verdict

Very good app. But limited by the premium contents, which most people would need to pay to add their full portfolio. Nonetheless, it’s a quality app.

4. Blockfolio (Mobile App)

Blockfolio is one of the more popular mobile portfolio apps. They allow you to track how much profit you’ve made as well as your total coin value. They also have a integrated crypto news feed.


User Interfaceblockfolio main coin dashboard

For the most part, I have no complaints about their user interface. The main tracker dashboard looks good enough to where you can easily process the information that matters. The color scheme is low key and fits with the crypto aesthetic well. What’s unique is how they show your 24 hour percent change- which functions as back-of-the-envelope indication of how the overall market is doing.

Blockfolio manual transaction

The only reserve I have for their UI is the trade input page. It’s a little clunky, and there’s a lot of stuff going on, making it a bit daunting at first. After you input a couple of trades it starts to become intuitive though. 

They have a “Deduct from Holdings” option, which means when you submit a trade, the app subtracts from the coin you used to make that trade. So if you buy Monero with Bitcoin and enable deduct-from-holdings, it will subtract a market equivalent amount from your Bitcoin holdings. This comes in handy if you have a diversified altcoin portfolio.


They do a solid job of tracking your altfolio. No complaints there. They also have a news feed, and I really appreciate Blockfolio’s efforts to integrate crypto news into their app. However, they don’t take it far enough. The app only sources from two media channels: CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph. While these channels are no doubt quality sources, I think they could make it even better by adding additional sources (e.g. Medium, Youtube, Reddit, Coindigo 😉 )

The Verdict

Blockfolio is a solid app if you’re looking for a mobile crypto portfolio tracker. Their user interface is standard enough to allow the average consumer to learn quickly. If you’re just looking for a basic coin tracker, Blockfolio is a good bet. However, I wouldn’t download the app if you want a news feed. Currently, news aggregation is not Blockfolio’s core competency.

3. Delta (Mobile App)

Delta is one of my personal favorites, and the one that I primarily use. Regardless, I’ll try to be as objective as possible. They’re a mobile-only cryptocurrency tracker, and they execute this service outstandingly.

User Interface

Delta main crypto dashboard

One of my favorite aspects of Delta is their UI. They make it very easy to process the information that matters, and it’s not too hard to find what you’re looking for. They show your total earnings at the top in bold, as well as your total profits.



Delta performs one main task: tracking your cryptocurrencies. This is their only function, and they execute it extremely well. Delta is an example of a company that knows their core competency and sticks to it.

Right now, just like most other competitors, you have to manually enter your trades, which can be a pain. They are working on automating this process through API keys, however it is unclear how many exchanges they’ll add. The transaction-input page is pretty similar to Blockfolio’s.

Delta allows you to track your portfolio of coins as well as track coins you’ve added to your watch list. I do this often with coins that I’m deciding whether to make an investment decision.

delta candle stick graph

When I open my portfolio tracker, all I really care about is how each of my altcoins are doing. With Delta, I can quickly sift through my coins and register which ones are gaining and which are losing. When you click on any particular coin, you can also see a candlestick chart which is helpful when making investment decisions.

The Verdict

Delta is a beautiful app and a solid coin tracker. If you’re only looking to monitor your coins, definitely check it out.


2. Altpocket (Desktop & Mobile-friendly)

Altpocket is a desktop crypto tracker. They try to create an inviting aesthetic with an easy input experience. Altpocket differentiates themselves through their social media platform.

User Interface

I’m not going to lie, this website is a masterpiece. Bravo to whoever designed it. The dashboard has a very modern design, with an intuitive slide-out menu.

altpocket main dashboard

On the main page, they provide a little bit of everything. There’s a social feed, where you can see people’s recent posts. There’s a rundown of your coin portfolio as well as hot coins being traded.

Social Platform

Altpocket’s social platform is reminiscent of 2010 Facebook. People can make status posts and it will show up in your main dashboard feed as you scroll down. It’s a cool feature to have.

You can click on someone’s profile and view what coins they’ve invested in as well as their gains- which is pretty neat.

A random person’s profile


Altpocket offers the ability to connect API keys with certain exchanges, automating the trade input process. They only have a select amount of exchanges at the moment, though. Most of the exchanges I use are not offered, although I’m sure with time they’ll add more. Altpocket is ahead of the game as far as integrating API keys, which is impressive.

altpocket api key portfolio tracker

The coin tracker dashboard is similar to the main dashboard. You can quickly see your total investments, net worth, and profits. They also have a rundown on each coin showing your overall profits. They perform every function you’d look for in a free coin portfolio tracker.

crypto investment manager

The Verdict

Altpocket is one of the most developed desktop portfolio trackers. They’ve started creating an automated user implementation process, which will greatly increase they customer base. They have a very nice design with the right amount of text weight for human processing. The current social atmosphere feels a little distant- it’s not quite there. It seems more like a directory rather than a social platform. To be fair, though, the founders are still developing the social component, and will add new features like integrated chat rooms. If you’re into social media, then Altpocket is a great choice. Even if you’re not, Altpocket still has a lot to offer.

1. (Desktop & Mobile App)

Cointracking is a versatile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking platform, providing a unique UI conveying a lot of information about the traders portfolio. They provide a desktop and a mobile platform which allows for seamless tracking across devices

User Interface

I am a huge fan of the User Interface, although it may not be for everyone. It is very simple and provides a break-up of the user’s portfolio. The interface is very intuitive and complements the data with functional charts that show the distribution of the portfolio across exchanges and coins in the main dashboard. The color scheme is a bit lacking, but can be forgiven for the ease of use the website provides.

There are various ways to enter a users portfolio data, including uploading an excel file with all the information as well as importing directly from the exchanges. However, the manual entering process is a bit of a bother and can be confusing, leading a user to enter wrong information (as I did – I do not own 200 BTC). But once you get the hang of it, you start appreciating everything the tracker provides. It is also possible to export your portfolio to an excel or pdf file for personal use.

The mobile app is also quite robust and has the same information as the website. They also provide a charts and market cap information, similar to that provided by coinmarketcap. The Trade Reporting feature is also extremely useful and provides valuable advice on trades.


Trade analysis
Allows for analyzing your trades against pairs

They lack a news reporting feature, which could have been a great complement to their website. Overall though, The charts, trade reports, and dashboard are more than anything I could ask for in a tracker. I have no complaints there. They perform every one of their features very well. The ability to directly import your portfolio through the exchange is something which I appreciate, because it is a pain to manually enter every transaction.

The Verdict

Solid tracker. It makes tracking your portfolio a lot easier, while providing great analytics on your performance. The website is pretty simple, and though everyone will not like the setup, the dashboard is functional and provides everything you need.

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